Practice Policy on Removal from List

Due to the geographic situation of this practice removal from the list will not be used unless completely unavoidable, i.e. in the judgement of the practice principal the doctor patient relationship is irrevisibly broken down, despite all attempts to remedy.

In the case of threathening irreversible breakdown of the doctor patient relationship the patient will be advised of the situation and invited to seek remedy.

Should a breakdown have become irrevisible the patient will be advised of his imminent removal from the practice list including the reasons for such removal, the healthboard will be informed and treatment for emergencies will be offered for another 7 days.

In the case of threathened or actual violence against practice or attached staff the police will be informed and the relationship will be deemed to have broken down irrevisibly. Remedial attempts will not be made and explanation will not be given if it is feared that such explanations will exacerbate the situation and result in (further) violence.

A non-exhaustive list of events leading to such an irrevisible breakdown of doctor patient relationship may be: The sole and final judgement in all these matters lies with the practice principal. Appeals or complaints regarding this policy or its consequences follow the Practice Complaints procedure.
This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA.