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The aim of the practice is to provide seamless medical care for the community.

In order to maintain the optimum health of individuals and of the community as a whole, the practice is engaged in active health promotion, particularly in areas identified as of specific concern to the population of the West of Scotland and Lochgoilhead (e.g. heart disease, diabetes or emphysema). To this end you may find that at a normal consultation further checks are made or you may be asked to attend the surgery to organise further tests.

Surgery Hours

Ordinary surgery hours are as follows:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10 to 11:30 am and 4 to 5 pm
Tuesday and Thursday 10 to 11:30 am

Appointments are always required and can be obtained by contacting the practice reception. The surgery itself is open daily from 9 am until 6 pm with the exception of a lunch break between 1pm and 2pm and of Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

** IMPORTANT - Due to CoViD-19 epidemy all ordinary appointments are currently suspended and all patients will need to speak to the doctor by phone before face to face appointments are offered. As many as possible appointments will be handled via telephone or, once set up, video phone call. **

Home Visits

The practice as a rule does not provide a routine home visiting service. Home visits are only made if there is a clinical need to see a patient in a setting other than the practice and are made on the sole discretion of the clinician. Requests for home visits should be made before 9:30 am. The doctor will then call back and decide where the patient will be seen. It is usually in the best interests of the patient to attend the surgery where there are far better facilities for examination and treatment.


In life-threatening emergencies please call first 999. Within the hours of 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays please contact afterwards the surgery in order to notify the doctor. In the unlikely event that there is no response please try again after 5 or 10 minutes.

Out of Hours

Before 8am and after 6pm on Weekdays and the whole day on Weekends and Bank holidays please contact NHS24 by dialing 111

Private Consultations

The practice accepts no private patients

Consultations from registered patients for non-NHS matters (e.g. medicals etc) will be charged according to an hourly rate which can be enquired about at the reception

Pharmaceutical Representatives

Pharmaceutical representatives are not welcome. This applies to visits to all members of the practice team

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